Meet Cyndi Marty

Creator, volunteer, seamstress, entrepreneur, mom, and wife- I do a little of it all! I’m Cyndi and I enjoy creating unique custom softgood pieces with designers and homeowners. The best part, these new creations help our planet by saving textiles from our landfills.  See how we do this in our story below.

Call or text 480-818-0914 to set your no-obligation (no-cost) design studio appointment. We are also available by email at cyndi@cmpillows.com

CMP+ story....

Ppsssssssttt, hey you. Can we take a minute to talk about upcycling and making a difference on our planet? The story of CMP+ is one of the ultimate upcycle that brings designer fabrics that were destined for the landfill directly into our client's homes! To understand how CMP+ does this, you first need to know the workings of the high-end designer fabric world. Here is a brief synopsis of how it goes down:

1.    *Said Manufacturer* makes exquisite fabrics in flags/memo samples that get sent to design centers all over the world for other designers and manufacturers to order larger quantities to make clothing, cushions, pillows, furniture pieces, curtains….really anything you can think of.

2.    After the design center is done featuring the fabrics, they discard them to our landfills! Yes, it is true. These expensive $300+ yard fabrics will never again see the light of day after living their short life hanging around for designers to browse and order from.

3.    Here is where CMP+ enters the story. We save the fabrics before they are sent to our landfills! We then work with our clientele by bringing designer brand-name fabrics that may otherwise be unaffordable and turning them into custom-made items for your home.

Now that you understand how CMP+ sources these beautiful fabrics, you now need to see them! We have a design studio in Parker that is plum-full of thousands of samples of high-end designer fabrics. We work with local interior designers to bring design visions to life but we don’t stop there. Why should only designers have access to these beautiful fabrics? We also work with homeowners to customize pieces to their existing décor including throw pillows, bolster accents, lumbar, ottomans, poufs, dog beds, floor cushions, and more.

We invite our clients to come directly into our studio and host a “Pillow Party” where friends, colleagues, or whomever you would have attend get together and design fun items for their spaces. The best part is that CMP+ is so determined to give back that we will donate 10% of all party proceeds to your favorite charity of 501c3 organization. 

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